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December 16, 2008



Let me tell you something: as much as it hurt for M to figure the big guy out, it is SOOOOOOOO nice to not have to live with that facade anymore. I mean, you can't fool your brightest kid forever. You just can't.

E on the other hand will prolly still believe when he is 18. Just to hold on to those presents....

So when M had that revelation about Santa, she knew about the Fairy instantly. I found out the same way C did ... when I felt my Mom putting my money under my pillow. I pretended to be asleep, but she knew and then I knew about everything... the Bunny, the Fairy, and Santa. It was a rude awakening.

Robin Spangler

This almost makes me cry....She's such a smartie.


what is this nonsense you speak of ...Santa?
Remember the day you don't believe you won't receive!!!



Zach has informed us there is no such thing as Santa. This conversation has gone on for awhile...and when he would tell me something he wanted, I'd say "You better tell Santa" just in case he was testing me. This weekend, he again had many reasons why Santa wasn't "real" and finally I just said "Please don't ruin it for Nicholas." We'll see, but I'm not counting on it!

(((Hugs))) Miss you!


awwwwww! nooooo! they can't get big! they can't stop believing in these things!!! awwwwwwww!

ps. one time i put my tooth under my pillow and got a dollar and thought, hmmm maybe i should put my tooth under my pillow again and get MORE money. So i did and I got a 5!

how cool is that?

 Serena Mcelyea

That's so cute, haha. Unfortunately, you got busted. It's best to tell her that you will still be her tooth fairy, even after you got caught. She's a smart kid, dear!

Kathy Frederickson

Oh, you got busted! That's a funny story. You must be happy to have a smart kid like her, someone who can't be fooled easily. Haha! Well, better luck next time. :D

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