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October 13, 2008



Way to go Robin!!! You worked your butt off...and clearly it was worth it. I'll be sure to tell Joan and Veronica that you really are a "breath of fresh air." And now you know I stalk your blog :) Aun


I have a bottle of First Crush Breightenbach wine to celebrate. You so deserve it girl!! You slaved for that puppy and don't let anyone say "we did it". YOU DID IT GIRL!!! YOU DID IT!!


I was so disappointed to miss the site visit, and I wondered all day how it went. All I can say is that I am so proud to be a part of this great program that YOU run!


Congrats, Robin! That is truly awesome!

I am sure you feel a huge weight off your shoulders now - all your hard work is now validated. You are safe for another 8 years! Way to go!!!

I am excited for Meredith to be joining your wonderful program - though it may be dangerous to have you two together so much! haha Will you get any work done???

See you tomorrow. Can't wait to taste your cookies!


Yippee!!! Congratulations girlfriend!!!


Congrats Robin from the Banks family..
keep in mind the upcoming outstanding social worker you have to train... ( townhouse accomadations please )...what do they do?


Hell yeah, baby! What a coincidence in our "we are right where we're supposed to be" posts!!! man, that's awesome, and i'm so glad to have been along for that ride!! you rock!!! i wish we could go out for some celebratory cocktails!

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